Honing my craft with the crème de la crème in Chantilly

When you live and work in the UK, golden opportunities to train and improve your French writing are few and far between. Over the last few years, I have experienced painful pangs of jealousy towards those who could attend a series of English into French and French into English translation training events in Canada. I very nearly went last year but things got in the way. And then I found out that the event was coming to France. Of course, I registered straight away.

Saying it was the best translation training event I ever attended is no understatement. 100+ translators spent the best part of three days looking at all those niggly terms we regularly encounter, working on concision, on translating a message rather than just words and looking at ways of making our translations more idiomatic so they don’t read like translations. A translator’s dream!

The very French aperitif and dinner in an idyllic garden made for more memorable highlights.

You can view PDFs of the articles I wrote about the event below:

2016-03-23 07_46_26-Illustration for news article - rob@redguerrilla.co.uk - Red Guerrilla Mail2016-03-23 07_46_10-Illustration for news article - rob@redguerrilla.co.uk - Red Guerrilla Mail

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