Speaking at the British Library on International Translation Day 2014

The International Translation Day 2014 programme includes a seminar entitled ‘New Directions’ and I have been invited to be part of the panel, as Vice-Chair of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and as a freelance non-literary translator. I will be speaking about potential new avenues for literary translators in the world of commercial translation. Their creativity and writing skills are very highly prized in some areas of commercial translation, and translators are not always aware of the crossovers between both ‘worlds’.

International Translation Day is an annual event, now in its fifth year, organised by Free Word, PEN and the British Library. A diary highlight for literary translators, it is also very well attended by non-literary translators who come to listen to fascinating talks and panels in the stunning setting of the British Library.

Something very exciting indeed to look forward to.

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